Signature course by Ola Litvinof

Fatigue... Low energy… Craving sugar or coffee... Stubborn weight… Hard to focus… Unstable mood... Pain
Is there a solution to all of these without doing anything. I mean doing NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

You think it is a magic pill? Or fantasy? This time it is Not. It is science.

You CAN improve all of these conditions if you just start to SLEEP.

You are personally invited to experience unique techniques of Ola Litvinof's signature method that focuses on a activating the Vagus nerve, the only solution to stress and Perfect Sleep. There are no other methods like it in Europe.

The first question I ask clients who come to me with complex conditions is: "How do you sleep?"
And almost half of my clients either don't sleep or sleep but don't feel rested and full of energy the next day.

That is why we have gathered together practices and methods that will help you to enjoy good quality sleep, balanced mood, boost of energy.

This will alleviate, reduce, and possibly free you from the symptoms linked with your sleep.
Who is this method for?
If you experience difficulties falling asleep or you wake up in the morning not feeling rested or don't feel a boost of energy upon waking
If your energy is not stable during the day, and you feel the need for coffee, sweet things or other comfort food to restore your energy levels
If you feel sleepy in the afternoon but then in the evening you find it hard to fall asleep
If you frequently wake up at night and don't know why it's happening
Do you want to overcome these symptoms and restore the quality of your sleep? Then this program is for you!
After all, good quality sleep is much more than just rest. It is directly linked to your energy, mood, and even your weight.
Good quality sleep is the cornerstone of your well-being!
About the program:
study myself

98 €
A systematic solution with support
from the course author
150 €
What is the structure of the course?
Preparation week.
Theory and getting started with practices
✓ diagnosing the state of your happy hormones: serotonin, gaba, catecholamines (adrenaline, norepinephrine, dopamine), endorphins, cortisol

✓ based on the outcome of the diagnoses, you will follow the recommendations given in lessons

✓ you will follow the recommendations regarding the transition period.
They include wraps, adjustments to your diet, colour therapy, and listening to solfeggio frequencies that restore harmony in the body, mind and spirit

✓ you will learn about our signature blends of aromatic oils and start selecting oils
10 Steps. The practical aspect
✓ 10 combinations of practices: working with breathing, with the body

✓ the practices are organised into sets in order to work with all the senses simultaneously

✓ practices are accompanied by signature meditations
Achieving the desired result
Even if you only use 50% of the tips, you will successfully restore your sleep quality!
Over the course of 2 months, you will be able ask any questions you may have in our private chat with Ola Litvinof, the course author. She will answer your questions personally.

study myself

98 €
A systematic solution with support
from the course author
150 €
Ola Litvinof
Host and author of the Activation of the Vagus Nerve method
Highly trained certified clinical hypnotherapist. She graduated from the Marisa Peer School, UK, in the RTT Therapy method, which has been widely awarded. Owns her own clinic, Cherry Pick Your Life, in Monaco.

Prior to that, she had a successful career in an international law company. However, her career success led to serious health problems - she developed an autoimmune thyroid disease.

She has completely recovered from this using her signature method of rebalancing the nervous system and activating the vagus nerve.

Now, this method can be used to fend off weight gain; bring harmony to personal relationships; mitigate autoimmune diseases - rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, eczema; alleviate chronic fatigue and pain; and restore your tone and zest for life.

The Vagus nerve is also key in achieving good quality sleep. It is impossible to enjoy full, deep sleep without restoring the tone of the Vagus nerve.

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