The Vagus nerv,
Happy hormones
and Perfect sleep
open master class

Ola Litvinof
Host and author of the Activation
of the Vagus Nerve method

December 02,
8am GMT time / 3am EST time

We're living through a pandemic
And I don't mean a pandemic of viruses, but a pandemic of bad sleep
However, we know that
truly any physiological discomfort, fatigue, psychological or emotional state can be improved by more than 50% if you restore your quality of sleep.
Pandemics of viruses will continue to occur: deep, restful sleep is one of the main ways to restore and strengthen your immunity
What is good quality sleep?
It's not just 8 hours of unbroken sleep. Good quality sleep means we open our eyes in the morning, enjoy a rush of energy, and maintain it throughout the day.
What will happen in the open video lesson?
We will look at in detail the reasons we don't sleep
We will debunk myths about sleep, such as the need for 8 hours of sleep and continuous sleep
We'll show you why traditional tips don't work
We'll reveal all 5 reasons why we do not sleep and, most importantly, what you can do about them right now
We'll reveal new SECRETS OF PERFECT SLEEP that you've never heard before
This lesson is for you:

  • If you experience difficulties falling asleep or you wake up in the morning not feeling rested or don't feel a boost of energy upon waking.
  • If your energy is not stable during the day, and you feel the need for coffee, sweet things or other comfort food to restore your energy levels.
  • If you feel sleepy in the afternoon but then in the evening you find it hard to fall asleep.
  • If you frequently wake up at night and don't know why it's happening.
  • Wake up in the morning full of energy
  • Keep the energy level and you mood stable during the day
  • No dependence of coffee to move throughout a day
  • No craving for shugar or sweets to raise your energy after afternoon
  • Having positive neutrality for the day ahead of you
  • No feeling heavy or drowsy after meal
  • No chronic fatigue
Ola Litvinof
Host and author of the Activation of the Vagus Nerve method
Highly trained certified clinical hypnotherapist. She graduated from the Marisa Peer School, UK, in the RTT Therapy method, which has been widely awarded. Owns her own clinic, Cherry Pick Your Life, in Monaco.

Prior to that, she had a successful career in an international law company. However, her career success led to serious health problems - she developed an autoimmune thyroid disease.

She has completely recovered from this using her signature method of rebalancing the nervous system and activating the vagus nerve.

Now, this method can be used to fend off weight gain; bring harmony to personal relationships; mitigate autoimmune diseases - rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, eczema; alleviate chronic fatigue and pain; and restore your tone and zest for life.

The Vagus nerve is also key in achieving good quality sleep. It is impossible to enjoy full, deep sleep without restoring the tone of the Vagus nerve.

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